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Whitco Awarded Carlisle's ESP and Perfection Award for 2015

Whitco was the one and only company awarded both the ESP and Perfection Award for 2015 (in the state of Georgia). The Perfection Award is awarded to the top 5% of Carlisle's authorized applicators in the Country based on installation quality, low warranty claim incidents, and continuous product application.

Awards                Team Whitco

NEWS - Whitco Roofing will analyze the
Energy Cost Savings for your Next Commercial Roof Project

Let us find a roof solution that will save your company a great amount of money.  How it works?

We will put together a detailed summary of your next Roofing Project: Your roofing project will include a scenario: (Exp. Current Roof System vs. New Roof System).
We will take every aspect of your roofing project and break it down. Such as: The life expectancy of the roof system, location of the roof area, and the facility type. A detailed weather report will be assembled: Including heating degree days and cooling degree days depending on your location. Historical data will be used to determine key elements that could affect your energy efficiency. In dept analysis will be conducted about the roofs details, including the items that are included in the roof assembly structure. The R values will be shown for each included component of the assembly. R-Value is a measure of apparent thermal conductivity, and thus describes the rate that heat energy is transferred through a material or assembly item, regardless of the heat source. Components in the assembly will be present in the baseline roof as well as the proposed roof. The roof membrane and insulation for the baseline and proposed roof systems will also be observed for an energy cost savings comparison.
Estimated Energy Cost
The energy model compares the estimated energy cost of two roof systems over the term of analysis. Fuel cost and inflation, interior temperature, climate, roof surface type and color, and the amount of insulation utilized are included in the energy cost formulas.

EXP. Clients Energy Cost/Savings Chart (Metal Roof / TPO)

The customer saved over $800,000. It’s really incredible how much energy is wasted, and how much money is thrown away by having an
inadequate roofing system. Most people are aware of the damages and expenses a roof leak can cause, but few people realize just how much money they are losing though energy bills. Your next roofing project may practically pay for its self!

The energy costs of heating and cooling a structure is often the largest of the “hidden costs” associated with the selection of any roofing system. Typically, when decisions are based on low initial costs, there is a resulting increase in operating costs. Increased energy costs, maintenance costs, and a shorter operating life can result. When decisions are based on increasing the quality of performance of the roof system, significant benefits can be achieved in operating cost reductions. This analysis is an important part of the decision process in determining the best alternative in a roofing decision.

Whitco Roofing Among the Elite in Single-ply Excellence

Whitco Roofing has been awarded an excellence in single-ply distinction by Carlisle. Each year Carlisle recognizes only a small percentage of its Authorized Applicator network with the ESP (Excellence in Single-Ply) distinction. In fact approximately 95% of Carlisle's authorized applicators are not in this elite class. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the commercial roofing industry today.

The award was created to identify and reward an elite group of contractors who exceed Carlisle’s standards for customer service, timely deliveries and quality applications.

Only the most accomplished applicators are designated as ESP, providing customers with the confidence that they have partnered with the very best in the industry.

Carlisle's ESP Contractor

Update: Whitco has once again been awarded the Carslise ESP award as well as the Carlisle Perfection award for 2015.


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Four months after a tornado ripped through the town of Ringgold, Georgia – leaving a swath of destruction in its path – Whitco Roofing is putting the finishing touches on Ringgold Middle School’s new roof. Read More

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CERTA Torch Training

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GA Bill Update

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Licenses for Georgia Roofers

The bill to create licensed Georgia roofing contractors (House Bill 301) was dropped on day sixteen of the current Georgia legislative session. The bill has been assigned to the regulated industries committee. This bill is intended to protect Georgia homeowners and businesses, who are regularly victimized by fly by night roofers. Often from our neighboring states, all [...]

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Contractor Incentive Program

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Rust Treatment for Metal Roofing Systems

Rust treatment should be part of a regular roof maintenance program. If left untreated the rust can destroy a metal roofing system. The rust will create damage to the structural integrity of the metal roof panels. For best practices rust should be treated when it first appears prior to its spreading. It can be important to determine [...]

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Steps for Roof Recovering

Roof recovering is roofing over an existing membrane. This requires that special considerations be taken. Check for moisture: trapped moisture may cause blisters, damage insulation and, in some cases affect the structural integrity of the deck. Check structural load capacity: make sure that the existing roof can withstand the additional weight of a new roof [...]







Commercial Roof Management - Why is it Important?

The roof comprises only five to ten percent of a building’s costs, but it protects 100 percent of the building and its contents. This inside out perspective is why we put so much emphasis on helping maintain your roof assets and prevent roof leaks before they start.

 A roof is more than just a covering over a building, a roof is protection. Not only does it protect you're building; a roof protects the valuable assets inside your building. A roof protects your investments, health, and your hard working employees. That's why we emphasis the importance of roof asset maintenance.

 • Extend the life of your roof
 • Reduce roof related expenses
 • Validate your roof warranty
 • Cut the time and effort required to address emergency repairs


Infrared Scans - Commercial Flat Roofing Systems
Infrared Roof Scans will pinpoint and document problems in flat roof systems.

What is an Infrared Roof Scan? Infrared Scans take pictures of roofs to find trouble spots. Trouble spots that in most cases is not visible to the human eye. Infrared roof scans will identify and record moisture penetration, heat-loss areas, and related building envelope deficiencies. By using Infrared roof scans, roof leaks can be tracked, verified and repaired. Infrared Scans is a proven and effective scientific method for evaluating roofing condition.  
Features and Benefits of Infrared Scans:

Save thousands of dollars on roof repair and roof replacement costs.

Identify water damaged portions of a roof quickly and accurately. Detect roof leaks.

Eliminate unnecessary roof replacement.

Document potential problems before your warranty expires.

Identifies small roof problems before they become large and costly.

Reduces risks of structural damage and failure of your roof.

Whitco Roofing can perform infrared scans on any type of flat roof system. Call Whitco Roofing Today! 1.888.399.2221





Roof Gardens 
A roof garden is a garden that is located on the roof of a building. Roof gardens are a really neat attraction, and make a nice landmark for your building. It's definitely something that will make your building stand out, and draw attention to your company. Roof gardens also have many benefits as well. Plants have the ability to reduce the overall heat absorption of the building which then reduces energy consumption, thus saving you money in the long run.

Restaurants can grow their own fresh vegetables and fruits right on top of their own roof. This would be an excellent marketing tool for any restaurant, and would assure its clients the freshest vegetables in town. The benefits are not just limited to restaurants, many buildings could benefit from having a roof garden.
Imagine spending time on the top of your roof surrounded by plant life. Imagine the great view of the city below. You can put dining tables, chairs, lights and many more objects to customize your roof into your own personal paradise. Roof Gardens are a luxury to have, not a necessity, but definitely have
unique benefits and differentiate your business from others.

Whitco Roofing has experience installing roof gardens, and is one of the few companies in the Southeast United States with the experience and ability to do so. If you would like to discuss your project ideas or have questions concerning installing a roof garden, please give us a call. One of our roofing experts would be more than happy to assist you with any of your needs or concerns.