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A built up roof system is made up of three materials (bitumen, felts and surfacing). There are two kinds of bitumen, asphalt and cold tar.

Asphalt built up roofing system is a roof constructed with ply felts made with asphalt-impregnated fiberglass and mopping asphalt. The surface is a flood coat made up of asphalt and aggregate (gravel, crushed stone, slag, or marble chips). Generally, these roofs consist of four plies of felt installed in shingle fashion. Asphalt is not a true waterproofer and depends on positive slope in order to maintain its integrity.

Coal tar (pitch) built up roof is a roof constructed with plies (layers of felt) made with coal tar impregnated fiberglass and mopping asphalt. The surface of a coal tar pitch built up roof is always a flood coat of coal tar and aggregate, such as gravel or crushed stones.

When the layers of a built up roof are installed correctly, it creates a strong, water tight membrane.

“It is essential that a built up roofing system is installed by true commercial roofing professionals”

The bitumen used to apply on these systems must be heated to the ideal temperature. If the bitumen is too hot, the quality of the bitumen will be diminished. If the bitumen is not hot enough it will not flow as well when it is applied. If it does not flow well, it will not adhere as it should. If that happens, the roof system will not last long.

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