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Whitco Roofing is a licensed, insured, and bonded full service roofing contractor. We specialize in low-slope commercial and industrial roof applications.

Roofing Services - Chattanooga TN and beyond

We are experts at working with all types of industrial, institutional, and commercial roof systems.

Single-plySingle-ply (TPO, PVC, EPDM)
built-upBuilt-up (Coal Tar Pitch, Asphalt)
Modified Bitumen
metal and steelMetal and Steel Roof Assemblies
SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam)


We are a full-service contractor, no matter what current state your roof is in we will provide solutions. We provide a wide selection of roofing and waterproofing services to not only Chattanooga, but the entire state of Tennessee.

Chattanooga Roofing Services

Emergency Leak Services – Quickly get the services you need.

Spot patching of isolated locations – Extend a roofs life for a short time until funds are available and/or an appropriate weather window can be scheduled for reroofing.

General or Remedial Repairs – Extend the life of your roof by repairing deficiencies throughout the system.

Major Repairs – Long term solutions

Restoration – Whitco offer a wide variety of roof coatings. Coatings can extend the life of a roof, rustproof, waterproof, and lower your buildings annual energy consumption. All of this can be done at the fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement. 

Roof Replacement 

Roof Management

We offer a wide variety of roof management, preventive maintenance, and energy management programs. Whitco even offers an online roofing platform which is especially great for those with multiple properties. Whitco provides services to the entire Southeast and can manage all of your properties simultaneous. Whether you have one facility in Chattanooga, or own multiple properties in multiple locations, you can benefit from our online roofing platforms.

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