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Type of Buildings we work with:



We specialize in roofing industrial facilities, such as manufacturing plants and factory buildings. We have many satisfied clients, and will provide references upon request. We work on roofs from every industry, and understand the many harsh industrial conditions that your roof faces on a daily basis. Especially those that produce chemicals, food processing plants, and other industries that experience conditions that are outside of the norm. We have created many tailored solutions, and work with our client’s ideas, to give them the quality solutions they require.


We are skilled at finding and stopping leaks on low-slope roofing applications. We can even perform infrared scans to pinpoint problem areas that may not be detectable by the human eye. If you are in need of a re-roof we offer many types of industrial strength membranes, such as those that are chemical resistant etc.

Plant before re roofing 

Not quite ready for a re-roof? If you have some time on your hand, we can test different membranes and discover which one adapts and holds up under your roofs specific conditions. We also can address any emergency or remedial repairs to extend the overall life-cycle of your roof.

METAL AND STEEL ROOFING - For Factories and Manufacturing Plants 

Whitco has provided many solutions for those with low-slope and steep-slope metal roofs. If another contractor tells you a solution is impossible, you should give us a call. The roofing experts at Whitco can make the impossible, become possible. We go out of our way to give the clients the solutions they need, and will personally create a custom fit roof tailored for their building.

Some client’s roofs come in contact with acid on a regular basis and over time will breakdown and deteriorate metal roofs. In some extreme cases the best long term solution is to install a stainless steel roof.


Factory roof - Manufacturing Plant

Whitco also provides a variety of roof coatings, which provide additional strength to your system. These industrial coatings can extend the life of your new or existing roof, and can be used to rustproof and waterproof your system. Reflective roof coatings can also be installed to reduce your buildings annual energy consumption.


We also provide roof cleaning and regular routine maintenance of your roof. In some industries such as those in the food processing, certain conditions must be met to pass inspections. We can help you pass these inspections, and keep your roof clean and in tip top condition.

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