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Roof Flashings

Roof Flashings are strips of flexible metal or roofing felt that keep water from penetrating the joint between the roof covering and other roof components.

Flashings are the Achilles heel of most commercial roof problems. Whether it’s the insulation that’s wet, or the field of the roof that’s leaking, there’s a great chance that the flashings are the original point of entry. It is estimated that over 75 percent off all low-slope and flat roof failures begin at the flashings. Why? Flashings have greater exposure to weather, and will begin to deteriorate before the roof surface shows any indication of disrepair.

Additional Reasons why Flashings are particularly vulnerable

terminate the roof membraneFlashings terminate the roof membrane. The angle of the membrane changes at the flashing, causing strain at the weakest point.

Flashings are also vulnerable to physical damage since they are situated over the side where work it frequently done.

Flashings absorb waterFlashings are frequently composed of saturated paper that readily absorbs water.

Solutions - For Improving the Overall Quality of a Roof

Many building owners could prevent costly replacement of their roofs if they would pay more attention to their flashings. If properly maintained, it is possible that a roof system can last the lifetime of a building. Proper maintenance begins with a roofs flashing.

Whitco Roofing provides one of the best, if not the best roof maintenance program in the industry. Our trained professionals know how to properly inspect flashings, and can provide quality solutions to repair, restore, replace and/or waterproof your system.