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Whitco will provide a solution, no matter what stage your current system is in. If your commercial or industrial building has a metal roof system, we can provide the following services. 

Metal Roofing Repairs Metal Roof Repairs

Metal Roof Restoration Metal Roof Restoration (roof coatings)

Installation of Industrial Commercial Metal Roofs Metal Roof Installation (re-roofs)

Prevent Small Problems, from becoming Large and Costly Preventive Maintenance (preventing small problems, from becoming large and costly)
Solutions to improve systems efficiency Energy Management (solutions to improve your metal roof systems energy efficiency)

Alabama - Georgia and beyond Steel Roofing


Adding a roof coating to a metal roof can provide many benefits. A metal roof coating can rustproof, waterproof, and extend the life of a system. Coatings can also improve the energy efficiency of a system, decreasing annual heating and cooling costs. 

Metal Retrofit Systems

Recovering your metal roof with thermoplastic membrane is another cost effective, long term solution. A retrofit roof may be the ideal solution for you and your buildings needs.  

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Metal roofs are well known for their strength and durability, but as metal roofs age many problems can exist.

Most Leaks in Metal Roofing Systems Result From:

 • Rusted metal panels

 • Loose seams and cracked penetrations (expansion, contraction, due to weather)

• System overloaded with equipment
• Clogged or improperly sized gutter systems

• Poor construction and/or poor design

• Loose or missing fasteners 
• Lack of maintenance

Whitco will pinpoint problem areas, and find solutions to properly repair or restore your current system.
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Rust Usually Occurs:

• Exposure to weather (rain fall, ponding water, moisture, corrosive substances in the air)

• Harsh industrial conditions

• Age of the building
• Foot traffic which can cause broken corrugations

• Deterioration of factory coatings

• Over tightening of fasteners during installation

• Debris left on a roof

• Building movement

Whitco has many rustproofing and waterproofing solutions available. Contact us for additional details.