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Inspections, Preventive Maintenance, and Management

A roof on a restaurant requires special attention to details. Whitco works with many well known restaurants and food processing facilities, and are familiar with your facilities special needs. Your facility faces liabilities such as major roof deterioration from grease and oil, code violations, and fire hazards. We have solutions for any and all restaurant roofing related problems.

Whitco gives you in depth roofing reports, to help keep your restaurants roof up-to-date and in excellent shape.


Problem: The original installation of this detail was done improperly and not per industry standards. The membrane was not terminated at the top edge of the membrane.

restaurant roof corrections

Correction: Pull back the membrane at the top edge of the base flashing and apply water cut off mastic and install termination bar and/or counter flashing.

Have Multiple Facilities in Multiple Cities or States?

No Problem! Whitco has an online roof management platform, that will make your life a lot easier. We can handle all of your roofing needs, and all of your properties.

Restaurant Roof Restoration, Repair, and Replacement

Whitco knows the best procedures to restore or repair your restaurants roofing system. We know all type of solutions and upgrades to help the performance of your system, and increase the service life.

If your system needs to be replaced, we can recommend and install the best system for your specific needs. Whitco is certified applicators and on a first name basis with all the major roofing manufacturers. We maintain a close relationship with these manufacturers and are aware of all the products that were specifically made for your industry. We have personally tested and researched most of these products, and truly know what works best for your environment and conditions.

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