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Commercial and Industrial Properties

Whitco offers professional roof cleaning services to properly remove all surface pollutants and stains from industrial and commercial roof systems.


roof cleaning improves efficiencyLoss of Energy Efficiency

Environmental (expose to the elements) – in just a few years of exposure to the environment a roof system can become quite dirty. This has a negative effect on reflective roof system, diminishing the energy efficient properties of these types of roof systems. By properly cleaning your system it can be restored to its optimal performance.

The following roof systems can lose its energy efficient benefits if not properly cleaned: TPO, PVC, White EPDM, and Roof Coatings.

meet guidelines and requirementsMeet Guidelines or Requirements 

Food processing plants and related facilities are required to meet certain requirements, and promote a safe and environmentally friendly work place. Keeping the roof clean and free of containments and pollution is often required. Whitco Roofing can solve this problem, by professionally cleaning your rooftop free of debris, food waste, or whatever is lurking on top of the roof. We can ease your stress, by helping your organization pass the required guidelines set by organizations.

cleaning a roof can prevent rustPrevent Rust and Moisture Build Up

Debris that build up on a roof can trap moisture inside and cause structural damage to certain roof systems. An example would be leafs that act some what like sponges, trapping moisture that results in a metal roof rusting at an accelerating speed. This is especially true if your metal roof system has not been properly rust proofed, or is not up to date.

Black algaeDestroy Black Algae
Gloeocapsa magma or commonly referred to as black algae is bacteria commonly found on rooftops. Gloeocapsa magma is a major concern for many roofs in the Southeastern United States. The bacteria cause surface stains, and if left untreated it will continue to spread over the entire surface of a roof. The growth holds moisture and deteriorates roof material, which can lead to structural damage and/or premature roof replacement.
Gleoeocapsa magma causes a major problem for commercial buildings with shingles, such as a church or apartment buildings. Not only does this algae cause structural damage to a roof, but it also makes your business look less appealing to visitors and consumers.