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Whether you are the building owner or the property manager, Whitco can provide solutions to help keep your building dry. We take pride in taking a consulting approach, and giving our clients the best available options for their system. Whitco believes in listening to our clients needs, so that we can discover the ideal solutions to help them select the best roofing options for their building, needs, and budget.

We will evaluate the entire roof of your facility and discover which areas are the most crucial to your company. In most cases the roof over your office (main working area) or a storage area containing valuable assets, would be the most critical areas to keep dry. On the other hand, keeping an empty storage area dry may not be as important to you. This is why we break your roof down into sections, because in the end it gives you the options to choose exactly what fits your ideal long term and short term budget and needs. Also by breaking down the roof into different sections we can give you a better understanding of which parts are in need of emergency repairs, and which parts are remedial. We grade each section, clearly explain the problem areas, and provide you with our recommendation as well as other options for your building.

Roof Consulting Report

When working with Whitco you will quickly learn that we are different than the typical roofing contractor, and can provide you with the best options, and present them in a detailed (comprehensive) report. We know how busy our clients can get, so we simplify the whole process for you, and even allow you to view the details of your roof(s) though our secure site anytime and from anywhere with internet access. 

If you would like to learn more about what Whitco Roofing can do for your business, please contact us today.