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Rubber Roof or "Bladder" Roofs

EPDM, SBS rubberized roof coatings, and SBS (polymers) in modified bitumen are commonly referred to as “rubber” or “bladder” roofs. Some people refer to all single ply as a rubber roof or bladder roof, but not all single ply membrane is made using rubber material. Most of these roofs appear to be made out of rubber, and therefore are commonly called a rubber roof.

Rubber Roofing Membrane 


Thermoset membranes are also commonly referred to as rubber roofs, and have “rubberlike” features. These membranes possess the quality of recovery. When stretched they will elongate, but will return to their original shape when released. Included in this group are the following types of Thermoset membranes: EPDM, Hypalon (CSPE), Epichlorohydrene (ECH), and Neoprene (CR).


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Replacement and Restoration

Whitco Roofing can determine if it is best to restore or replace your system. We can help you explore the best solutions that fit your needs.