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Institutional - Roofing Schools

Whitco Roofing can handle all of your schools roofing needs. We can handle a project of any proportion, and of any difficulty. We provide National services, and are fully capable of managing multiple key properties simultaneously.

Ringgold, GA School Re roof 
Ringgold, GA Middle School Re-Roof Project

School Roofing ReplacementsRe-Roofing for Schools

Most projects and roofing systems are evaluated on initial costs, rather than long-term costs. This is a disservice to the schools, the students, and in some cases the tax payers. School buildings are not built to last one year. In fact, the average functional age of school buildings in America is 40 years. This is why Whitco Roofing will provide a life cycle analysis of your schools roof system upon request. Decisions based on life cycle analysis can help schools select systems that minimize future maintenance and operating expenses, making more money available to educate students.

We believe that the roofing manufacturer you choose can be just as important as the type of system. This is why Whitco only uses the most reputable manufacturers and the highest quality roofing materials on the market. We take all of the extra precautions to ensure that the roof systems we install function properly after the installation. The manufacturers we use offer the best warranties in the industry and will honor the warranty they issue on your schools roof.
Prevent problemsMaintenance – Keeping the Roof of a School Up to Date and in Great Shape

We offer the best kind of roof maintenance, the kind that prevents problems from ever happening. This rather inexpensive service can save schools money and minimize disruptions in the education process.

Other services for schoolsOther Services 

We are a full service contractor, and offer a wide variety of roofing and waterproofing services. We offer all of the essential services such as repairs, installation, maintenance, management, and many more. One service worthy of mentioning is asbestos roof removal, which can improve the overall indoor air quality of a school. Please contact us, for more information on the many beneficial services we provide.