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Lighting accounts for approximately forty percent of a commercial building's annual energy cost. Skylights have the potential to reduce these costs by decreasing the amount of traditional lighting needed to keep a commercial building illuminated.

Roof Skylights on commercial building

Roof skylights also offer benefits beyond increased energy efficiency. Studies have shown that skylights can increase sales in retail stores, increase student learning in schools, improve worker improvement and enhance occupant's health. 


Tubular Skylight
The tubular skylight is an ideal energy saving solution for applications where larger industrial skylights may not be as cost effective. These situations include suspended ceilings, narrow warehousing aisles with high inventory racks, and bridging deck to ceiling transition spaces.

Skylight Design Report

The energy experts at Whitco Roofing can provide a skylight analysis report that will shed light on the dramatic energy saving opportunities that skylights can provide for your building. A skylight design report can:

energy savings Quantify energy savings
optimal roofing skylight design Provide optimal skylight design layout
factors weather data Factor in local weather data