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Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is the fastest growing segment in the commercial roofing industry. To take advantage of this recent popularity, a growing number of companies have begun offering TPO single-ply membranes. Unfortunately, not all TPO is created equally.

Your building deserves a TPO roofing system provided by the manufacturer that has been at the forefront of TPO research, development and technology since the inception of TPO as a roofing membrane: Carlisle Syntec


"Carlisle only allows the best contractors in the industry, to install the best TPO in the industry"

More than 30 years ago, Carlisle developed a program to assure single-ply roofing contractors installed their systems to published specifications and details. Installed projects, even today, are inspected by Carlisle technical representatives and ratings. Carlisle has strict guidelines, to ensure that their products are installed to perfection, and only allow the best contractors in the industry, to install their products. Whitco Roofing is proud to be among the elite contractors, which are authorized applicators of Carlisle.

10 Things to Consider When Investing in a TPO Roofing System!

1) Experience and Innovation
Require that your TPO membrane be manufactured by a company with at least 10 years of TPO manufacturing experience.

The TPO used by Whitco has over 45 years of single-ply manufacturing experience. In fact, Carlisle has lead the industry in TPO research for more than 15 years.

 2) Cool Roof Properties
(Reducing your air conditioning consumption)

Maximize the energy efficiency of your roof and require that the TPO installed on your building meets initial and three-year ENERGY STAR requirements.

Some manufacturers TPO has not been on the market long enough to even meet the three year requirement for an ENERGY STAR qualification. 

Reflectance of TPO membranes
The TPO we use not only meets ENERGY STAR qualifications, it far exceeds them.

3) Weathering Package (Sunblock for your roof)

Ensure that your TPO roofing system will withstand the highest temperatures and UV exposures by investing in a membrane that can withstand over 60 days at 275 degrees Fahrenheit, without cracking or showing signs of material failure.

The TPO we install is enhanced with a weathering package, and tests to the highest standards in the industry. It features the most dependable, long-term performance characteristics in the industry.
Weathering package: TPO Roofing System

4) Smooth Surface (Keeping the roof clean)

As a white membrane collects dirt, the cost savings associated with having a reflective roof is severely reduced and the higher associated temperatures can accelerate aging.
A smooth surface is the best way to maintain high reflectivity values, so stick with the TPO roof system that offers the best protection against dirt and debris.

Some TPO may have coarse, rough and uneven surfaces that hold dirt and reduce reflectivity.

The TPO we use has a smooth top surface designed to resist dirt, debris, mildew and bacteria build up. This gives you a cleaner, more solar reflective membrane throughout the life cycle of your roof. This is backed with an industry leading reflectivity warranty.

5) Seam Strength

A strong seam is a vital part of any TPO roofing system. Independent tests conducted using ASTM methods consistently show that Carlisle’s TPO membrane exhibits far stronger seams than competing products.

Having a strong seam means better wind uplift performance and fewer leaks and callbacks.

6) Weldability

Why is weldability very important? Improper welds are the most common and costly mistakes made on a TPO roofing system.

Sheets with a narrow window of weldability can lead to improper welds, which can result to leaks in your roofing system. Carlisle TPO membranes can be welded at the widest temperature and humidity ranges without having to modify welder settings to compensate for changing climatic conditions.

This leads to greater productivity and more reliable seams.

7) Diversity and Versatility
Ensure you get the optimum solution for your roof, a TPO system that is custom fitted for your roof.

Some manufactures offer TPO in limited thickness, width and color. This condensed product offering restricts your ability to get the perfect TPO membrane for your roofing project. It’s important to have a wide range of diversity and versatility, because no two roofing projects are ever the same.

The TPO membranes installed by us are available in a wide range of thickness, widths, lengths, and colors. This allows us to get a custom, tailored fit for your roofing project.

8) Thickness over Scrim (Thicker is better)
The top ply of your TPO membrane is the first and best defense your building has against harmful solar UV and weather, so be certain your next TPO roof system features an optimal thickness over scrim.

The TPO used by Whitco features a typical thickness over scrim of 23 mils. That’s 11 mils over the required ASTM minimum. Many other TPO membranes narrowly exceed ASTM’s minimum thickness over scrim requirement, which could mean a thinner top ply and less overall protection.

Thicker is better, thickness leads to greater weathering resistance, and protection against solar UV.

9) Warranties (Protection you can truly count on)

Be sure that the company providing your warranty has a well-funded warranty reserve and “No Dollar Limit” total systems warranties.

manufacturers may not publish or provide information about their warranty reserve.

With our TPO, you can rest assure that your building will have outstanding warranty protection. Carlisle’s total system warranties, as well as a large warranty reserve, reflect a commitment and ability to address any warranty issue.

10) Prefabricated Accessories

A typical roof can have hundreds of penetrations. Ensure that these pipes, curbs, and other obstructions are properly waterproofed with TPO accessories certified by the TPO membrane manufacturer issuing your warranty.

Many Manufacturers only offer a limited number of accessories, while others carry products that have not been certified for quality.
Carlisle offers a countless number of prefabricated and custom made accessories. All of which carry a CFA (Certified Fabricated Accessory) stamp of approval
, so that you will know they are manufactured to the highest of standards.

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