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Our company was founded on the basis of unrivalled workmanship and unparalleled customer service. We believe in doing it right the first time. When you consider service charges, downtime and consequential damages, it’s much more cost efficient to pay to have it done right once, than to have to call the "cheapest" contractor back out multiple times.   

Emergency Repairs 24/7 - GA AL TN FLEmergency Repairs - 24 Hours a Day

We keep our phone lines open 24 hours a day and can provide emergency roof repairs day or night! 

Quickly stop leaksTemporary Roof Repair

Temporary roof repairs are necessary for certain scenarios. Still undecided which direction you are heading in your next project, or if you’re preparing to install a new system, but need immediate relief from leaks. We can provide quick solutions, including patch work, covering, and other temporary repairs.

Spot patching simply involves the installation of patches to repair isolated deficient or degrading locations in the membrane or flashing.

The following are examples scenarios where spot patching may be applicable:

new membraneRelatively new membrane that is in good condition, but has a few isolated sections that need to be repaired, upgraded or reinforced to ensure long-term performance of the roof.

latter stages Patch work may also be applicable in the latter stages of a roofing system's life. An aged membrane that is weathered, worn and nearing the end of its service life can often be assisted with spot patching procedures to repair specific leaks. This can serve to extend the roofs life for a short period of time until funds are available, or an appropriate time can be scheduled for a reroofing project.

Temporary Repair - Flat Roof Patch
Temporary Flat Roof Repair - Patch


General Repair - Low-slope roofingGeneral Roof Repairs

General repairs may involve the repair of numerous deficiencies throughout the entire roof system. These types of repairs are more comprehensive than spot patching. 

We custom tailor each specific repair to meet the need of each type of deficiency. Our knowledgeable, and experienced flat roof repair professionals, design specific repair procedures to correct the various deficiencies, while accommodating the needs of the specific roofing system.


Roof Repair - long term solutionsLong-term Solutions - Major Repairs and Maintenance

Whitco is great at finding solutions that will save your company money, and extend the life of your roofing system. We will pinpoint your roofs problem areas, and not only stop leaks, but prevent them from re-occurring. We take a consulting approach to roofing, and think you will find our knowledgeable roofing professionals to be helpful in reaching your ultimate goal of keeping and maintaining a dry building. 

Proper documentation is essential to a successful maintenance and repair program. We have an online roofing platform, that allows our clients to view, recommendations, work orders, pictures, videos, so that the current state and history of the roof can be quickly learned by reviewing the documentation. 

Coatings for flat roofing systemCoatings for Low-Slope or Flat Roofs

Roof coatings can provide many benefits for flat roof systems. Coatings can rustproof and waterproof systems, and improve the energy efficiency of a system (lowering a buildings overall energy consumption). Coatings can be used to restore flat roofing systems, extending the overall service life. Restoration is a great option, and is more cost efficient than a total re-roof (30 – 50% less).

Flat Roof Coating - Before and After 
Before and after photo of coating on flat roof

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