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Certified Green Roof Professionals 
As one of only a few commercial roofing companies in Georgia with Certified Green Roof Professionals (GRP) on staff, Whitco Roofing Inc. possesses the knowledge required to design, build and maintain green roof systems that meet the most up-to-date standards in the ever-evolving green roof industry.

When you contact Whitco Roofing about a green roof, the first thing our GRP-certified project manager will do is schedule a meeting to discuss what you hope to achieve with your green roof and determine what options are available for turning your roof green.

Green roofs take on many forms - from deep, intensive systems capable of supporting shrubs and trees to shallow landscapes consisting of just a few inches of growth medium and plant material. Selecting the proper green roof depends on a building’s load-bearing capacity, type of existing roof and other critical factors that will be discussed in an initial consultation.

Green Roof Benefits

When properly installed, a green roof provides a number of benefits - not only to the building owner, but the entire community.

Some of the many benefits include:
increased sustainability Increased sustainability
LEED LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points
Extend life of roof Extends the life of the roof
Green Roofs Reduce Noise Storm water and interior noise reduction
Increse Insulation and R-Value Increased insulation and R-Value
Reduce heat island effect Reduced heat island effect  
Improve health of property Improved health/healing properties
Green Roofing Increases Property Value Increased property value/marketability
Reduces Building Heating and Cooling Reduced building heating and cooling costs

To achieve these benefits, a vegetative roof system must be designed, installed and maintained taking critical factors into consideration. Each green roof is unique and requires careful consideration and planning to ensure its success.


Properly designing, installing and maintaining a green roof is a collaborative effort involving many disciplines and fields of expertise.

Whitco Roofing has formed partnerships with proven green roof industry leaders – including landscape architects, horticulturists and engineers - to ensure every aspect of your green roof project is reviewed and approved by the best in the industry prior to construction.


The list of cities adopting green roof initiatives and policies is increasing every year.

Whitco can help navigate the array of federal, state and local programs, providing sources of funding and incentives for green roof projects.
As each city and state has its own criteria and programs, staying up to date on these resources is an important function Whitco offers to all prospective green roof clients.


Green Roof Systems: Manufacturers

Whitco Roofing has formed strong relationships and holds certifications with the most recognized material manufacturers in the Green Roofing industry.

Carlisle, Firestone, American Hydrotech, Sarnafil, Kemper are just a few of the manufacturers Whitco has partnered with.

After installing millions of square feet of roofing, manufacturers have come to know that when quality counts –  to call Whitco Roofing.


For additional information on green roof solutions please contact Whitco Green Roofing today.


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