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Today, tens of thousands of commercial buildings are protected by billions of square feet of PVC roofing membranes. PVC’s popularity stems from its dependable, heat-welded seams, superior physical attributes and resistance to water, chemicals, grease, fire and punctures.

PVC Roofing System

Energy costs continue to rise, which is why the need for an energy efficient roof system is more important than ever. A properly insulated PVC roof system can help building owners reduce their air-conditioning costs.

Benefits of PVC Roofing Systems:

Puncture ResistanceIncorporates a strong polyester reinforcement giving the membrane excellent tear, breaking and puncture resistance

Reflectivity High solar reflectivity “cool” roof attributes

PVC Roofs have excellent chemical resistanceExcellent chemical resistance to acids, bases, restaurant oils and greases.

We Offer a Wide Variety of PVC Membranes - "We Provide Solutions to Meet your Individual Needs"


KEE - enhanced membranes for increased chemical resistance

KEE PVC roofing membrane is ideal when the roofing membrane will be subjected to harsh chemicals and conditions like acid rain, grease, air-conditioning coolants and intense sunlight. The membrane is designed to enhance weatherability, flexibility and toughness.

Fleeceback PVC membranes - for increased puncture resistance

Polyester and fiberglass reinforced membranes - for proper mechanically attached and fully adhered applications

Fully adhered and Mechanically Fastened Roofing Systems

Mechanically Fastened PVC
We can provide PVC Membrane to meet any specification!

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For Commercial and Industrial SystemsPVC roof services include - replacement, repairs, restoration, management, maintenance, and much more.