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We are skilled experts at steel roofing. No matter what phase of a steel roofing project, we can provide the right solution. 

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If you have an industrial or commercial building, with a steel roof that has problem areas, then give us a call. Our roofing experts will solve small problems, and prevent them from becoming large and costly.

 Rusted Steel

Before Pictures: Rusted steel roof curbs. (Roof curbs are used to structurally mount valuable rooftop equipment)

After Pictures: Installation of stainless steel rustproof roof curbs.

Temporary steel roofing repairs by Whitco. Not an ideal long term solution, but in certain situations these short term solutions, can be useful. Buying time during a decision process or preventing leaks before or during the installation period. By buying time temporary repairs can help avoid subsequent interior structural damage.


Installation of steel roofs
This industrial steel roof was replaced, completely with custom stainless steel roof panels.

Large industrial project in Georgia

Like many industrial roofs, the roof dealt with some very harsh industrial conditions. It was being cleaned with chemicals on a regular basis, due to these conditions. Unfortunately, these chemicals were eating away at the galvanized steel. The organization decided that the best solution to solve the problems they were dealing with was to install the entire roof with stainless steel panels.

Stainless steel roof replacement

According to the organization, Whitco Roofing was the only contractor they found with the expertise and capabilities to handle such a project. The organization had many contractors tell them that the project was impossible, and it could not be done. This was mainly due to contractors not being able to make the panels, or not being able to seam the joints correctly. Our roofing expert team provided a solution, designing custom stainless steel panels that were custom fitted for their roof. In the end our knowledge and background in not only roofing, but architectural design, allowed us to provide our client with the solution they needed.