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Is Your Roof Leaking Energy?
The energy costs of heating and cooling a structure is often the largest of the "hidden costs" associated with the selection of any roofing system.

Typically, when decisions are based on low initial costs, there is a resulting increase in operating costs. Increased energy costs, maintenance costs, and a shorter operating life can result.

When decisions are based on increasing the quality of performance of the roof system, significant benefits can be achieved in operating cost reductions.

How Much Is Your Roof Costing You?

An inefficient roof system could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Would you like to know the amount of energy being used by your roof, and how much it cost? Whitco Roofing can provide the answer to this question and much more. We have the technology and resources available to give our clients an accurate estimate of the energy being consumed during the life cycle of their current roof.

We will put together an energy cost savings report that allows our clients to evaluate their current roof system costs, and compare it to the savings of an alternative green roof system. In the end, this gives our clients the advantage of choosing the best roof that fits their long term budget and needs.

It is widely believed that a white reflective roof will always lead to annual energy savings, but this misconception typically doesn't factor in climate zones or heating costs. Before jumping to conclusion ask our energy management experts at Whitco Roofing, for an energy cost savings analysis. The report will calculate the energy efficiency of a roof assembly based on your building's square footage, energy costs and climate. This in return will allow you to make an informed educated decision for your next roofing project.

Data from our Energy Cost Savings report is compiled, from reliable sources such as the USDOE, NRCA, and ASHRAE. An Energy Cost Savings report can:

Compare green roofs  Compare current roof system costs vs. the savings of a green roof system
Life Cycle Savings Quantify total life cycle savings over the life span of the roof
Heating and cooling savings Diagram potential heating and cooling savings for building owners
Your specific climate Identify assemblies for maximum ROI in your specific climate
Reduce carbon footprint Demonstrate how to reduce carbon footprint (greenhouse gases)
Increase R-Value Pinpoint optimum R-Values for maximum long-term return on investments
Improve decisions on energy efficient upgrades  Enable you to make informed educated decisions for your next roofing project!

Green Roof Energy Savings Chart

For additional information on green roof solutions please contact Whitco Green Roofing today.

 Green - Energy Efficient Roofing Upgrades

If you're a building owner that manages buildings where roof repairs, replacements and energy upgrades are a major budget item, your organization could benefit from adopting one of our roof asset management programs. Our energy management strategies help building owners make informed decisions to align roof maintenance budgets and help prioritize green energy efficient upgrades. Please visit our roof management page for additional details. Accredited Green Roof Professional

In Today's Economy, Can You Afford to Have Energy Escaping Though Your Roof?
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